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We regularly work with partners on projects – this includes academics, trade unions, campaign groups like the Media Reform Coalition, and other activists involved in both media reform and other related areas.

At the moment there’s a big gap in the Labour Party’s policies for the media. This new MediaNorth document highlights a number of policy proposals for media reform which we hope will stimulate discussion and remedy this. A shorter leaflet was distributed at the 2023 Labour Party Conference in Liverpool. You can access this here. We would really welcome invitations to speak about our ideas on this crucial policy area.

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Are you interested in working with or alongside CPBF(North),? Please contact us for more information.

Perhaps you feel we could add value to your event, or you’re looking for a partner organisation to build strength in your cause. CPBF(North) can offer a broad range of experience and resources around the media reform agenda – if you feel our expertise could help, please contact us.

Our editor writes in the Morning Star

If you agree with the need for diverse, democratically accountable media, we also invite you to be part of our Facebook group. You can also sign up to receive copies of MediaNorth.