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Festival of Debate: Thursday 25th April. 6pm to 7.30pm

MediaNorth will be hosting AI: Threats & Opportunities for the Media.

Details of the event and registration can be found here.

Speakers: Louisa Bull: National Officer for the UNITE Print, Graphical and IT Sector. Nabila Cruz de Carvalho: PhD researcher at the University of Sheffield. Her research is focused on how generative artificial intelligence may affect the trust of young audiences in digital news media. Alexis Gunderson: A leading member of the US National Writers Union’s Generative AI working group. Michelle Stanistreet: General Secretary of the National Union of Journalists.

Our MediaNorth / With Banners Held High co-hosted event

The 1984-85 Miner’s Strike – as seen by news cartoonists – Wednesday 8 May

We’ve got exciting plans for further events this Summer, so don’t forget to check back for updates.

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