What we do

We’ve set out below a bit more about us, and what we do. We also work with a range of other organisations involved in media reform and political action.

What we do

The Campaign for Press & Broadcasting Freedom (North) supports independent journalism, and holds regular talks and events.

We want diverse, democratically accountable media and we’re committed to campaigning for reform.

We also highlight threats to regional media, and strongly support alternative media, both print and online.

If you agree that these issues are important, please join our Facebook group and follow us on Twitter.

Our History

The Campaign for Press and Broadcasting Freedom (North) has been active since 1992. 

We were a regional affiliate of the national Campaign for Press and Broadcasting Freedom (CPBF), until October 2018 when the national group closed down.

CPBF was involved in a variety of very high-profile projects, including extensive campaigning around Leveson and to prevent Rupert Murdoch taking over Sky